NIKE Jordan

Jordan isn’t just about Michael anymore. It’s not even about shoes or apparel. The way sneakerheads and fans tell it, Jordan is a way of life. The credibility of the brand, the iconicism of the jumpman—they put this particular branch of Nike in a class all its own.


From courtside TO SIDELINE

After strategizing and writing the proposal that won the account, Ryan undertook his first project with the brand: The release of the University of Michigan football partnership with Jordan.

As a former Michigander, Ryan was quite familiar with his fanatical hometown Wolverines and the language that spoke to their hearts. They received the news about the partnership with fitting aplomb.


Since the partnership, Jordan also launched a line of Michigan basketball apparel.


In the realm of lifestyle apparel and accessories, Ryan once wrote basketball t-shirt slogans for adidas. (Alas, you can't buy one of them—yet.) He also consulted to do brand work for a handful of startups, such as LAZLO.

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