Rally Health

Rally Health

Founded in 2010, Rally managed to raise more than $55m in the four years before it was acquired by UnitedHealth Group. Now a nationwide movement, the brand has become a model of what healthcare can accomplish when it focuses on the Everest of the industry: patient engagement.


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Ryan's work with Rally began with a series of scripts to introduce their new brand ambassador—Maria Menounos. The goal was to create vignettes that would highlight specific health-focused messaging points, while blending the positivity of Rally and the down-to-earth-ness of Maria.

After an exploration phase to pin down the overarching concept—mixed media, docuseries, duplicating actors—Rally chose to move forward with a direction Ryan called "Super Support System." The idea being to personify the support of the app with a handful of branded extras.


The aim was to keep the scripts tight: No more than fifteen seconds per messaging point. In the end, Ryan delivered nine scripts, working in real-time with both the production team (Sandwich in LA) and the Rally team to be sure the scripts would work on-site, fit into a single day of shooting, and still retain message clarity and humor.

Due to unexpected time constraints, Maria was only available to shoot four of the original nine scripts. Above are the four vignettes—below is the minute-long, full-length compilation.


In the midst of wrapping up the scripts, Ryan also helped kick off the first draft of the new Rally website.

Ryan is no stranger to film. Having acted in two independent shorts, directed one of his own, and professionally modeled in videos for brands like adidas and SnapCam, he knows his way around a C-Stand, a clapperboard, and a C47.

On the subject of healthcare, Ryan is also accustomed to tricky, liability-heavy topics. He is currently working with HumanN to highlight the Nobel Prize-winning science behind nitric oxide—and the surprising role it plays in our blood pressure levels, heart health, and overall well-being.

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