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“Real Estate Development” and “Family Business” aren’t typically synonymous. But in a world of flashy new mid-rises, Round Hill Pacific is not a typical company. Since their founding in the 1970s, they've focused on the development of buildings that others might neglect.


A heritage of housepets


Ryan's first task with Round Hill Pacific was to identify their value proposition. Many of their buildings were "old" and lacked the sort of modern communal amenities that have become common in recent years. So, he focused on what the newer apartments typically can't offer: flexibility with pets and unique, historical buildings.

After a deep-dive into the site strategy, Ryan pinpointed several ways to make the website sing: a property "favorites" functionality that didn't require a login, a "City Life" feature to give prospective tenants a taste of their new neighborhood, and a concise, lighthearted tone for a warm welcome.


Round Hill Pacific gave Ryan carte blanche for his copywriting duties (everything except the individual property descriptions), and the rest is, as they say, history.

As lead writer for Prometheus Real Estate for over two years, Ryan has written everything from a library of faux book titles to nearly 200 separate descriptions for an entire suite of properties, to their internal brand guidelines, to their newly-released website. He even flew to Prometheus headquarters in the Bay Area to teach a day-long workshop on how to write concise and effective copy.

Ryan also branded, helped name, and wrote the website and brand guidelines for Axis in DTLA.

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