Swrve built its brand on getting consumer attention. More than traditional marketing, they use a unique platform and crazy-complex algorithms to kick-start a meaningful dialogue with users—a consistently difficult task in an overstimulated world. It was Ryan's task to evolve their identity into something a little more human.


The voice of intention


Anyone in tech knows the industry is inundated with buzzwords. Ryan's challenge was to establish Swrve as an approachable expert; a brand that fundamentally understands the market, can talk about it in simple terms, and invite others to join that conversation.

In tandem with a new Swrve logo mark and a full suite of brand visual elements, Ryan drafted a new website, brand guidelines, a business-to-business tagline, and the language to adorn their conference booths.


Related work

In the tech space, Ryan worked with Elemental Technologies to strategize and implement a lead generation campaign that would benefit both them and their users. He also helped Genentech better grasp how their internal teams relate to one another, and assisted with the naming of an "employee benefit" building on campus in South San Francisco.



Writer, Strategist


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