If you work in tech, you know about AWS. If you don’t work in tech, you… still probably know about AWS. What exactly do they do, you ask? Like most Amazon companies, quite a lot more than what you see on the surface. And it can get confusing in a hurry.



My work with AWS was to summarize some relatively complex ideas. Not that every client needed the exact particulars of how their video will end up iOS, Android, and every screen size known to humanity—but they did need to understand why AWS services are better.

To accomplish this task, I set out to write a series of less-than-a-minute videos that explain the “better” to a demographic with a vague grasp of the jargon. Which was good, because with tech this complicated, a minute isn’t long to both educate and pitch a product.


On the topic of videography, I’ve also worked with Rally Health in drafting message-specific scripts for their brand ambassador, Maria Menounos. The goal being to highlight health-focused brand points, while blending the positivity of Rally and the down-to-earthness of Maria.

After an exploration phase to pin down the overarching concept—mixed media, docuseries, duplicating actors—Rally chose to move forward with a direction I called "Super Support System." The idea being to personify the reward-oriented support of the app with a handful of branded extras.


I’m not exactly a stranger to film. Having acted in two independent shorts, directed one of my own, and professionally modeled in videos for brands like adidas and SnapCam, I know my way around a C-Stand, a clapperboard, and a C47.

And on the subject of healthcare, I’m also accustomed to tricky, liability-heavy topics. Previously, I worked with HumanN to highlight the Nobel Prize-winning science behind nitric oxide—and the surprising role it plays in our blood pressure levels, heart health, and overall well-being.

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