The world's favorite Seattle-based coffeehouse has a secret. When you register a Starbucks gift card, you become a member of My Starbucks Rewards. And what can that get you? Free food and drinks, custom offers, early access to new products, and the convenience of paying with your mobile device.


sLurp-rise and delight


Okay, yes, it's not really a secret. But a six years ago, most consumers still didn't know about the program—or how easy it was to participate. Starbucks decided it was time to make a little noise. Thus, the It's a Wonderful Card Ultimate Giveaway was born.



Here's how the promotion worked: Throughout the holiday season, window vinyls invited patrons to pay with their Starbucks card (or mobile app) for a chance to win instant rewards. Just swipe a finger across your phone to find out if you won. Plus, each transaction placed them in a grand prize drawing toward Starbucks for Life.

With so much to convey—the prizes, the "gaming" experience, the rewards program itself—my role was to work with the Starbucks team, helping them simplify and organize the hierarchy of their messaging. Of course, all this talk about a "wonderful card" had people asking: What's so great about a gift card? And the baristas were ready with an answer.


Related work

In the vein of comprehensive brand experiences, I helped create an online campus for "Brain Health U" with AARP, a digital university with a series of mind-bending mini games that I strategized, wrote, and helped vet to completion. Users who participated not only exercised their thinking, but also earned entries into a grand prize sweepstakes.

Most of my clients at HelloWorld were either looking to launch a new product or program, or draw attention to one that already existed. I helped streamline, rework, and clarify messaging for brands like State Farm, GM, Target, and over a dozen other Fortune 500 companies.



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