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Over the past few decades, the publishing industry has undergone a massive shift. Publishing houses, once the gatekeepers, are now asking the same questions as aspiring authors: What does self-publishing mean for me, and for the future of literature?


Power to the paper

The idea of Stranger Fiction was to explore the burning questions of an evolving industry, then answer them in an annotated, transparent way. And… who cares? Mostly, I did. As an author, I found that most advice online was biased, or just a sneaky sales pitch for a how-to book or service. So, like any project, I dove right in—into all the normal brand nonsense that goes with along with this sort of thing (architecture, voice, tone, et al), then the necessary content creation.

In an effort to be as relevant as possible, I spent the first few weeks tracking down keywords and search trends, and then fact-checking what my “competitors” were saying on the topics.


Form and functionality

Working with a ridiculously talented design partner, the brand’s personality came together over a month-long period—a vibrant visual style with playful yet straight-to-the-point messaging. Due to the editorial nature of the site, we decided to lean into a word-heavy aesthetic. As a result, even without the five-minute Articles that’d flesh out the brand’s content, the core copy deck read like a short novella at just under 10k words. (Yikes.)

Though it hadn’t been our original intent, the website itself ended up working more like an app, with sliding visual “tiles” and a login-free bookmarking system that used cookies to hold onto a reader’s place.


early marketing efforts

In mid-July of 2017, we put out some soft advertising, which included a fifteen second teaser video. (Yep, that’s me on the drums.)


Though the site was up and jogging for a good two years, I eventually decided to sunset the project in pursuit of other interests (such as actually writing books). The moment I get a free Saturday, I have plans to share Stranger Fiction’s content on Medium.



Co-founder, Writer, Strategist


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