Back when it was released, Xbox was the first American console company to hit the market since Atari Jaguar. In just twenty years, they shouldered up to their Japanese competitors in both usership and sales—and they did it with no shortage of swagger.


one console, universal appeal

Not long after I joined the account, Xbox One was announced. With the new generation of consoles, Xbox was looking to captivate their audience in fresh ways. An overhaul of the Xbox Live Rewards program was in order.

My task was to link the energetic atmosphere of the brand’s gamer heritage with the spirit of the Xbox One—an entertainment system that blends games, movies, TV, and sports into one experience. Of course, such a varied demographic was going to respond to the program in different ways. So, we outfitted offers to reward users individually for the way they watch, move, and play.


As lead writer for the Xbox Live Rewards program, I was in charge of copy, messaging, scripts, and creative strategy from late-2011 until mid-2014. The aim of the program was to not only deepen the relationship between Xbox and its fans, but to reward those most loyal to the franchise with wild, and admittedly zany, prizes—such as a replica of Bane’s mask or a life-size statue of Lara Croft.


A crown jewel of the Microsoft brand, Xbox Live Rewards reaches millions of users in over 17 countries and 11 languages.

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During my time at HelloWorld, I also worked on a Pokémon campaign for Nintendo and a promotional virtual coloring book for Mattel. In the latter, kids 5–12 were invited to design a custom scene from Spring Unsprung, the new Ever After High™ movie, for a chance to win a prize. The entire promotion was written using a glossary of terms from the franchise, such as "spellebrate" and "hex yeah." Punmanship at its finest.



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